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#Occupyfail: Denver Protesters Heckle Local TV Reporter


In 1988, Tom Wolfe described to Bill Moyers the magic effect of the TV minicam on sixties-era street protesters:

In Bonfire of the Vanities, it was so important to show exactly how this occurs when television and newspaper coverage become a factor in something like racial politics. And a good bit of the book has to do with this curious phenomenon of how demonstrations, which are a great part of racial and ethnic politics, exist only for the media. In the last days when I was working on The New York Herald-Tribune, I’ll never forget the number of demonstrations I went to and announced that to all the people with the placards, “I’m from The New York Herald-Tribune,” and the attitude was really a yawn, and then, “Get lost”. They were waiting for Channel 2 and Channel 4 and Channel 5, and suddenly the truck would appear and these people would become galvanized. On one occasion I even saw a group of demonstrators down in Union Square, marching across the Square, and Channel 2 arrived, a couple of vans, and the head of the demonstration walked up to what looked like the head man of the TV crew and said, “What do you want us to do?” He says, “Golly, I don’t know. What were you going to do?” He says, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You tell us.”


45 years or so after Wolfe left the Herald-Tribune, it’s come to this: “Denver Reporter Loses It With Occupy Protesters Ruining His Live Shot: ‘Don’t Come Up and Fu** Us Up:'”

Eli Stokols is a well-known politics reporter for the local Fox affiliate, KDVR-TV, in Denver. But he didn’t get much respect from local Occupy protesters while trying to do a live report last week, and he finally reached his frustration limit over it. In a new video making the rounds, Stokols can be seen letting the Occupiers have it.

“I’m in the middle of a live shot, so this is not the time to debate with you guys,” Stokols says. “If you want to act like grownups, then we can have a conversation. When I’m live on fucking television — and you can film this [he says to the man with the camera] — you don’t come up and fuck us up.”

What caused the outburst? Well, Stokols just had to cut his live shot short because the protesters ruined it with signs saying “F**K The POLICE“ and ”POLICE ARE THE ARMY of THE RICH.”

These guys aren’t even ready for the Middle Eastern video mills that churn out Pallywood productions — at least in the Middle East, protesters know the importance of having signs in English that can be shown on American TV, rather than running around with placards full of F-bombs.


Note that the video above was apparently shot by one of the local Occumutants on his flip cam or cell phone, who are apparently so paranoid or think that they’re so hardcore and radical chic that they believe the local media are out to get them. Silly protesters — the MSM loves you guys* — or at least did before the national OWS rap sheet started growing increasingly endless.

Besides, believe me, you’d know it if the media had it in for you.

* To the point where it’s hard to tell sometimes where OWS ends and the MSM begins.

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