From the Wonderful World of Time-Warner

“Anything Goes,” Cole Porter once wrote, a song that began, “Times have changed, and we’ve often rewound the clock, since the Puritans got a shock, When they landed on Plymouth Rock.”


But we’ve rarely rewound the clock as much as today’s increasingly PC and reprimitivized era has. And as Hugh Hewitt writes, “Nothing Shocks When Anything Goes:”

People of faith who want the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affirmed ought, at a minimum, to uphold their faith in the process of conducting the public debate. For me that means having to try and argue as a Christian.

I fall short of that mark all the time. We all do, and when we do we need to give the appropriate apology and get back to the debate, as I have done before and as Rush did this past weekend.

Part of that debate now entails asking where were all these pitchfork people when, to use just one example, the misogynist Bill Maher called Gov. Sarah Palin the worst of all terms a year ago? Let me check on the boycott of HBO sponsors from March 2011.

CNN’s Piers Morgan was ripping Rush on Friday and taking many bows on Twitter for it.

But Morgan had Maher on this week — one of the age’s most vulgar, profane and silly windbags and poseurs was right in front of him.

Even as Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt, Nigeria and around the world, Morgan allowed Maher his 10,000th grab for attention by defaming Christ.

Fine by the First Amendment or at least that portion of it the Left likes, and wickedly smart and funny in the ears of Christian-haters, but as Maher went unrebuked, Morgan’s passivity in the face of bigotry renders his selective outrage more than merely convenient.


But why would Morgan disparage Maher when they’re both fellow employees of Time-Warner Inc? I mean, it’s not like anybody believes CNN is really in the objective news business anymore. They’re a PR agency that exists to promote their fellow TV networks and their ultimate boss.

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As the Professor writes, ” Nonsense. It’s fine for Democrats to call Republican women cunts and sluts.”

Besides, as the bumper sticker says:


Yet another reminder that, a few notable exceptions aside, if you stand outside the religion of statism, “we’re not really people to them.”


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