Ed Driscoll

The Year of the Squirrel

At Patterico’s Website, Karl explores “Rush Limbaugh and the Year of the Squirrel:”

Here we are again, with the WaPo proclaiming Republicans can no longer avoid their “Rush Limbaugh problem,” paired with the obligatory “question raising” coverage in its news coverage.  And tiresome concern troll Conor Friedersdorf again demands that the folks at National Review denounce Rush.  Meanwhile, Friedersdorf will politely disagree with his mentor Andrew Sullivan on Trig Trutherism and Sullivan’s baseless, ghoulish attempt to blame Sarah Palin for the Gabrielle Giffords shooting without indignantly admitting that Sullivan’s unhinged bile corrodes the public discourse in the same way Friedersdorf believes Rush does.   It is all very transparent, but the GOP and its supposed leaders bite anyway.  Then again, no one ever accused the GOP of being the Smart Party.

Barack Obama’s campaign to convince voters that “America is back” is a dud, so they want everyone to look at the squirrel.  When the media comes asking about Limbaugh, the Republican politician’s response ought to be: “I want to discuss the issues Americans actually care about — don’t you?”


Or to put it another way, “Election 2012 means the Don Surber Rule is in Effect.”

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