Obama's Gas Pains

Di-Gel won’t cure them, as Steve Hayward writes at Power Line:

Meanwhile, the Times notes in its lead story that rising gasoline prices may present a political problem for Obama.  Now this is a curious story, for several reasons.  First, Obama, like all right-thinking greenies, want gasoline prices to be higher, though, to be sure, they want high prices brought about by a government tax rather than the marketplace.  High gas prices are no fun if it means more profits for private oil companies.  Obama admitted this directly when asked about high gas prices in 2008, when he said he didn’t have a problem with them, only that he “would have preferred a gradual adjustment.”  Well, prices have crept up gradually since they collapsed back to about $2 a gallon in 2008.  So what’s his problem?


Similarly, what’s the Times’ problem? Like Tom Brokaw of NBC and the Washington Post, the New York Times begged the CEO of the Office of the President Elect back in late 2008 for higher gas prices; why should they be concerned about the one campaign promise he’s actually kept?


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