Ed Driscoll

Ann Coulter: ‘We’ve Killed off Rockefeller Republicans’

Ann Coulter goes all-in for Mitt Romney:

“you owe me and you’d better be as right-wing a President as I tell people you will be!”

– Ann Coulter on Hannity last night recounting her exchange with Mitt Romney

That’s the quote The Blaze and Mediaite are jumping on to highlight — a pundit who has taken a lot of hits for her defense of Romneycare insisting to the candidate that he really does pursue a conservative course once in government. One dares even imagine how sharp Coulter’s barbs would be for a President Romney devolving back into Massachusetts Moderation.

Another one that’s more important though is the quote I chose for the headline. “We’ve killed off Rockefeller Republicans” Coulter declares, pointing out that Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have little ideological differences and juxtaposed with John McCain are much more conservative.


I missed the memo — Romney is in many ways a good man, and would be a far better president than Barack Obama — but then that’s not setting the baseline very high. But if only by way of RomneyCare, isn’t he the very definition of a Rockefeller Republican?

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