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Ed Morrissey compares and contrasts ABC trumpeting their interview Marianne Gingrich, versus the entire rockin’ MSM on John Edwards:

It is, however, supremely unfair of Marianne to dump this on the race now — not to Newt, but to voters who sincerely backed Gingrich.  If Newt so lacked the “moral character” for the Presidency, why did it take Marianne eight months to tell us?  Her relative silence in 2011 gave voters the impression that she had nothing to add to the debate over who should represent the GOP in the presidential race.  It’s also unfair to her former stepdaughters who have been working tirelessly for their father for the last several weeks to help broaden Newt’s appeal, and for Newt’s grandchildren who have to hear about this now.  It’s also a large dollop of hypocrisy from the national news media who ignored reports of an ongoing affair involving John Edwards during the 2008 presidential campaign itself, complete with love child, until the National Enquirer ended up scooping everyone else.  Suddenly a 12-year-old affair is prime-time news?  It’s hard to come to any other conclusion that the party affiliation makes a big difference.


I think that’s a rather reasonable assumption when it comes to the MSM. In other Gingrich-related news, Rick Perry drops out (after sadly flaming out during the fall of last year), and endorses the former House Speaker.

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