Ed Driscoll

Smoke Occupies Your Eyes

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

April, 2009: Overzealous Tea Partier throws a bag of tea over White House fence, White House calls in bomb-disposal robot to pick up said bag of tea, media hyperventilates.

January, 2012: MSM yawns as “Mostly peaceful protesters toss mostly smokeless bomb over White House fence,” Ed Morrissey quips:

Obviously, a smoke bomb does not represent a big threat, but it could have been something much worse.  Had a conservative protest tossed an explosive device of any kind over the fence during Obama’s presidency — even a firecracker or two — the media would have reported it as clear evidence that conservatives have lost their minds and that their latent violence and hatred was about to burst forth in a bloodbath across the land.  And if you think I exaggerate, then you must have missed the hyperventilating coverage last January of the Tucson shooting.

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Update: Moe Lane, who attended the 2009 incident I mentioned above also compares and contrasts, and adds, “Occupy DC throws smoke bomb at White House… AND WAS NOT MADE TO RETREAT?”