The Sweet Smell of Success

One of the benefits of the Iowa Caucasus was watching the MSM drop the mask and remind its viewers how much it really, really hates them. Even when it comes to slagging what was a Blue State in 2008. (See also: the Bitter Clingers harangue against liberal Hillary Clinton voters in Pennsylvania by Obama and the more fevered of his celebrity endorsers.) But one Iowa man armed with a video camera and plenty of NSFW-language dares to fight back:


After watching this video, it seems obvious why Iowa is the only state in the Union where Mandom is both legally sold — and required by law for men to wear. As for the rest of us, as Jim Treacher writes, “Can you handle this? (Hint: No. You cannot):”

Oh and speaking of Iowa, President Obama weighs in on his success there in 2008, and how he’s followed through on his campaign promises:


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