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More MSM 'Fun' with Iowa

While it endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, the New York Daily News generally isn’t as elitist PC left as the New York Times; but just because it’s in a tabloid format, no one should confuse it with the New York Post, a center right paper that not coincidentally is having much more fun than either the Times or the Daily News. And just as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell had no problem trashing the people of Iowa on the air over the weekend, the NY Daily News is happy to let their readers how superior they are to those hayseeds in flyover country.* Or to put it another way, “Bigot Mike Lupica Really Doesn’t Like Iowa,” JammieWearingFool notes on his eponymously-titled blog.

Here’s the opening of Lupica’s article, titled, “White-bread Iowa doesn’t begin to represent America’s diversity:”

This isn’t some scattershot attack on all voters of Iowa, not even the dim ones who now graze toward Rick Santorum as we move up on the Opening Day of the primary season. Most citizens of the state seem harmless enough, if slightly perplexed as to why anybody actually cares this much what they think about somebody who might possibly end up the next leader of the free world.

No, this is about the ridiculous way we select our presidential nominees in this country, the ridiculously small sampling of voters who will turn out on Tuesday for a caucus process that I’m sure not even poor Rick Perry understands.

And despite the money and time spent in Iowa by these candidates, the real truth about the place is this: Iowa hardly ever means anything in the great grand scheme of things.

As JWF replies:

I’m not aware if this twerp Mike Lupica was writing about politics back in 2008, but I suspect if he was at the time of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, won by Barack Obama, that he was as virulently bigoted against both the inhabitants of Iowa or the Democratic candidates. Look, I realize this guy is a sportswriter by trade, but if the New York Daily News wants someone to cover politics, at least find someone who isn’t so hateful.

I guess that disqualifies The Atlantic, huh?

* Who apparently took the Daily News’ advice and voted for Obama in 2008.

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