Ed Driscoll

I'm Jack Torrance, and I Approve This Mobius Loop

Stephen King really covers all the bases. As AP reports, King has helped to raise money to help low-income residents of Maine pay their winter heating bills:

King announced last month that his foundation would match up to $70,000 if listeners of the three Bangor-area radio stations he owns donated that amount, for a total of $140,000.

Listeners donated $24,000, the Lerner Foundation pitched in $46,000 and the foundation kept its promise.

On-air personality Pat LaMarche says an anonymous Californian then promised another $50,000, if King matched it. The Maine native agreed, bringing the total to over $240,000.

But King also supports the president who vowed in 2008 to do everything he can to keep their energy costs as high as possiblethe one campaign promise he’s kept. If only there was a presidential or vice-presidential candidate who ran on a platform in 2008 of reducing energy costs