Ed Driscoll

Hurricane Experts Admit They Can't Predict Weather; AlGore Hardest Hit

The Ottawa Citizen reports, “Hurricane experts admit they can’t predict hurricanes early; December forecasts too unreliable:”

Two top U.S. hurricane forecasters, famous across Deep South hurricane country, are quitting the practice of making a seasonal forecast in December because it doesn’t work.

William Gray and Phil Klotzbach say a look back shows their past 20 years of forecasts had no predictive value.

The two scientists from Colorado State University will still discuss different probabilities of hurricane seasons in December. But the shift signals how far humans are, even with supercomputers, from truly knowing what our weather will do in the long run.

Fancy that — weather and climate experts seemed much more confident a decade ago:

The New York Times was also pretty despondent about snowfalls never returning to New Yorkback then.

RFK Jr. also wrote in the L.A. Times in September of 2008 that global warming has made snow in the DC region “so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled.”

That was before “Snowmageddon” arrived in the region in February 2010…which was also blamed on global warming by Time magazine.