Consenus: We ‘Lazy’ and ‘Soft’ Americans Don’t Deserve Obama

Opinion Number One:

Now, I know the typical reaction here is to get all angry and point your chubby finger back at him and say that while he’s calling us lazy it seems like he’s on the golf course half the time, but that’s just kneejerk and stupid. If we were smart, we’d consider this criticism instead of continuing to blame Obama for what’s wrong with our economy. Maybe it’s time for us to really take a look at ourselves and ask: Is Obama actually a great president, and we’re just a lousy country?

It’s not really that radical a question. I mean, look at him: He’s a bright, Harvard-educated man who’s not only been to other countries but has actually lived in them — he knows cultures and viewpoints beyond the narrow ones we have here. And he surrounds himself with the greatest minds on earth. And who are we, compared to him? We’re a bunch of slobs, really. Kind of ignorant. Maybe a little racist. And we surround ourselves with bowls of flavored corn chips. But the country’s problems are supposed to be his fault? Does that make sense?


Opinion Number Two:

I agree with just about everything that Dr. Brzezinski has said [that “The United States is becoming rapidly one of the most socially unjust societies in the world”], except that I’m not as optimistic as you are about the Eurozone [Brzezinski had predicted that Europe will solve its financial crisis]. The disparities between rich and poor is this country are the underlying tension. You see the exaggerated forms of it on both sides. With what we saw with the Tea Party, the objection to a social compact on health care a couple of years ago. And then, the emergence of the Occupy movement. That’s a real movement. There is real passion and anger there.

Exit question: Which one is satire? Don’t be too sure — as the two opinion makers share much in common. One is a humorist whose words, often unintentionally hilarious, never fail to bring laughter to millions. The other is a blogger who isn’t married to Alan Greenspan.



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