Screamin' Jay Hawkins Could Not Be Reached for Comment

The ultimate in voodoo economics, as a pair of Miami government employees, one of whom is a police officer(!) attempt to put a spell on the city manager over his efforts to reduce spending and get the budget in order:


Two North Miami Beach employees — one a police officer, the other a department office manager — are in hot water after trying to enlist some supernatural aid in the form of what they believed to be a Santeria practice.

Their alleged target: City Manager Lyndon Bonner, whose plan to slash the police budget prompted protests and union outrage this fall.

Their mystical material: handfuls of birdseed which, according to an internal affairs report, they hoped to scatter in and around Bonner’s fourth-floor office at City Hall.

But when they tried to recruit a janitor to sprinkle the seeds, she balked — and turned them in.

Considering the fiscal nightmares that taxpayers across the country have found themselves in the Obama era, I can see how black magic could seem like a viable alternative economic system. My first thought when I wrote this post was to embed the video of Pete Townshend during his brilliant 1986 concert in Brixton singing Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ classic “I Put a Spell On You” — but given that there’s a police officer casting black magic, once again life imitates Monty Python — a trend that appears to be accelerating exponentially in recent weeks.When does the 16-ton weight crash down on all of us?


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