Landlady: Come on in, Mr and Mrs Johnson and meet Mr and Mrs Phillips.

Mr Phillips: Good afternoon.

Johnson: Good afternoon.

Landlady: It’s their third time here; we can’t keep you away, can we? And over there is Mr Hilter.

(In the corner are three German generals in full Nazi uniform, poring over a map.)

Hilter: Ach. Ha! Gut time, er, gut afternoon.

Landlady: Oho, planning a little excursion, eh, Mr Hilter?

Hilter: Ja, ja, ve haff a little… (to Bimmler) was ist Abweise bewegen?

Bimmler: Hiking.

Hilter: Ah yes, ve make a little hike for Bideford.

Johnson: Ah yes. Well, you’ll want the A39. Oh, no, you’ve got the wrong map there. This is Stalingrad. You want the Ilfracombe and Barnstaple section.

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(Via Kathy Shaidle, who writes, “There really IS a Python sketch for everything…”)