Ed Driscoll

The View from Moonbase Whoopi

ABC’s crack team of coffee-klatch distaff journalists swings into action once again:

On Tuesday’s The View on ABC, as the group discussed GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s appearance on Monday’s Night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC, after playing a clip of the Minnesota Congresswoman and Fallon playing a comical game of word association, ABC co-host Whoopi Goldberg declared that “bonehead” is the word she would associate with Bachmann, while co-host Barbara Walters declined to say what word first comes to her mind.

After the clip in which Bachmann used the word “oops” to make fun of fellow GOP candidate Rick Perry, The View co-host Joy Behar took at jab at the Minnesota Congresswoman. Behar: “She says ‘oops’ for Rick Perry? Her entire career is ‘oops.'”

Co-host Sherri Shepherd soon tried to coax Walters into divulging what word first comes to her mind when she hears Bachmann’s name, as Behar injected the word “oops.”

After Walters declined to comment, Goldberg jumped in: “Bonehead. That’s what I would say. … Listen, I’m sorry. She looks fantastic, I have to say. She’s gorgeous. But she’s not presidential material. I’m sorry, she’s not. I’m just saying.”

She’s no rocket scientist, that’s for sure — of course, neither is Whoopi. But still, nothing secedes like success — Whoopi’s judge of character is the best kept secret since Pearl Harbor, when she’s not “playing the damn race card,” that is.