Occupy Oakland Not Going Gentle into the Good Night

Rage, rage, against the dying of the trust fund.

At Occupy Oakland “Police fire tear gas at protesters,” a Bay Area ABC affiliate reports. “At 8 p.m., Oakland police fired tear gas at the protesters to get them to disperse,” after first breaking up the local Obamaville that was so ably immortalized this weekend by our own Zombie:



As Josh Trevino tweets, “In the past hour, Occupy Oakland has generated orders of magnitude more violence than all Tea Parties, ever, combined.” The Blaze reports, “Occupy Oakland Protesters Try to Retake Campsite, Hurl Paint at Police While Chanting ‘This Is Why We Call You Pigs.’”

Because OWS is all about the working man. Or to put it another way, “You know what middle America identifies with? Street combat with riot cops. Keep it up, Occupy: it’s working!”

Earlier videos from the confrontation in Oakland can be found at Verum Serum, which has been all over the various protests.

Meanwhile, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Protesters were ordered to leave Woodruff Park, home of the Occupy Atlanta movement, late Tuesday night:”

At 10:45 p.m., Tim Franzen, an Occupy Atlanta leader, told participants who wanted to be arrested to gather in a circle in the middle of the park where there was the best lighting for the media to see. He advised people who had been drinking, using drugs or were on probation not to take part. Those who did not want to be arrested but wanted to continue the occupation were told to circle the park until 6 a.m. and then return.

Fifty additional police officers arrived just after 8 p.m., and Park Place NE alongside the park was barricaded. As of 10 p.m., a helicopter was still keeping watch over the park — and it was greeted by a sign made out of PVC pipe, saying “Hi.”

At the group’s nightly assembly, protesters were reminded to go peacefully if arrests were made.

Mayor Kasim Reed said Monday he wouldn’t evict Occupy Atlanta from the park until a group of clergy met with the demonstrators to try to work out a solution.

That meeting occurred late Tuesday afternoon, but little was accomplished. Reed said if no resolution was reached “we are going to clear the park.”


More as it comes in; souvenir programs will be available in the lobby.

Update: More dramatic video from Oakland:

More at Big Government: “UPDATED – VIDEO: Thugs Surround Cops, Hurl Paint Bombs as #OccupyOakland Activists Attack Police.” Breaking News Online reports arrests now at 102 in Oakland.

Late Update: Zombie has an extensive video round-up at the Tatler. This one is a hoot:


“This is a video message to the Oakland Police Department. You have committed violations of state and federal law. If you continue with your activity, I will personally come to Oakland and arrest every single officer involved. You have committed not only civil rights violations but also criminal acts against the people of the United States. Further continuance of said acts will be a declaration of war. You have 24 hours to respond.”

As Victor Davis Hanson wrote on Sunday, “Rage On — and On and On…” — and ride the Mobius loop ad infinitum.


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