Ed Driscoll

Astroturfing the Anti-Christ?

“Earlier this week, a crazed heckler with a reputation for yelling nutty things at L.A.-area events called President Obama the “Antichrist” at a political fundraiser, before being dragged screaming out of the room by the Secret Service. Normally this heckler would be dismissed as a lunatic. Instead, some media outlets are wondering whether he’s part of a growing right-wing movement that believes Obama is the Antichrist,” Alana Goodman of Commentary writes, with links to the usual MSM suspects. Her conclusion strongly suggests these are a manufactured controversy:

Apparently, the demise of the birther-fringe has some liberals panicking that issues of actual substance are going to be addressed during this election. So expect to hear a lot more about the dawn of the “Obama-Antichrist” movement from the same media figures, especially if Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop.

What say you?

(And what would Saul say, considering to whom he dedicated Rules for Radicals?)