Would You Like Sprinkles On Your Klan Hood?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has long had a left-wing, socialist vibe to it, but when did ice cream stores in general really embrace radical chic?

During the summer of 2010, Doug Powers spotted the vacationing President Obama emerging from an ice cream store with a rather disquieting logo:


No doubt, Leonard Bernstein stopped by there regularly. But for old school radical chic, there’s the perception given off inadvertently by this shop, in a story that was catnip to the Drudge Report:

“Once and for all, people, it’s an ice cream cone.” But still, whatever flavors the shop offers, we’re assuming that Woodrow Wilson would only have bought vanilla.

Related: Zombie’s latest photo essay and video: “Racist Cupcakes? Berkeley Erupts over Affirmative Action Satire.”

Nothing more painful than seeing aging hipsters. Except those who get taken in by their own Alinsky-ite rules.


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