Ed Driscoll

Media Rules for Radicals

Moe Lane proffers “Ten Media Truths for Conservative/Republican Legislators:”

This is the result of roughly ten years’ worth of looking on – sometimes horrified; sometimes amused; sometimes just bewildered – at our current Media environment.  Note that capital, by the way: I’m pretty much describing the Media as a singular and monolithic institution, mostly because on a practical level that’s pretty much how it acts towards conservatives/Republicans. Also,  I’m really not interested if individual Media-units feel bad about the more unsavory aspects of the paradigm that they’re supporting, either; guilt, like gratitude, is worth its weight in gold.

So let’s go. One final note: if you need a quick summary of this list… well, just remember the first truth and you’ll be fine.

Ten Media Truths for Conservative/Republican Legislators

  1. The Media hates you, and wants you to die in a fire.

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