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Definitive Proof that America's Budget Crisis is Destabilizing the Western World

"It's quite possible that the greatest favor the United States could do for Canada is to declare war on it. No, this isn't a tribute to South Park, the TV cartoon that popularized a song — Blame Canada — calling for an outright invasion of America's northern neighbor. A full-scale conquest is unnecessary; all Canada needs is to be slapped around a little bit, to be treated like a whining kid who's got to start acting like a man. Why would such a war be necessary? The short answer is: to keep the Canadians from being conquered by the United States. In effect, it would be a war to keep Canada free."

-- Jonah Goldberg, "Bomb Canada: The Case for War," National Review, November 25, 2002.

"You might as well save another trillion by saying that we are not going to have a bicentennial invasion of Canada as a way to get the War of 1812 done right. There are a lot of countries that we could decide not to attack and have savings. So that’s a farce."

-- Charles Krauthammer on Fox News today.

This enormous peace dividend will not make Paul Krugman happy. But then again, what does?

Related: "If it's Monday, the campaigning president must be issuing a new plan for something (before another fundraiser in New York City)," Andrew Malcolm writes at the L.A. Times, in a story titled, "Day No. 972: President Obama unveils a deficit reduction plan."

But not bombing Canada waits for no man.