Ed Driscoll

Quotes of the Day

“The Social Security system was based on a false premise, with regard to how fast the number of workers would increase and how fast the number of retirees would increase.”


Ronald Reagan, during his second debate with Jimmy Carter, October 28, 1980.

Broadly speaking, Truman could win amid tough times in 1948 because the country had confidence in the Democratic party’s ability to govern. That simply does not exist today, which is why the Truman model won’t work for Obama.

Instead, it looks more and more like Obama is actually going to run Carter’s 1980 campaign. Sure, he has nothing popular to show for his four years in office, but he’s still better than the out-and-out radical the GOP just nominated. Will that work for Obama?

Well … did it work for Carter?

— Jay Cost, the Weekly Standard, “Why Truman Can’t Save Obama,” today.

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