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Future Events Such as These will Affect You in the Future

“Newsweek journalist is a little hazy on the concept of memoirs,” I Hate the Media notes:

Dan Stone appeared on MSNBC’s News Live to voice a strange complaint about Dick Cheney’s new memoir. “This book is very focused on rehashing. It’s very based on the past, from what I can tell.” Dan, buddy, books that take place in the future are called science fiction, not memoirs.


Shhh…nobody tell him that Newsweek is also very much based on the past from what I can tell; presumably, based on the title, a reader of Newsweek will be informed of events that happened in the previous week.

With varying degrees of success, of course.

Related: Tina Brown, also appearing on MSNBC (but of course) is, as always, deeply conflicted:

TINA BROWN, DAILY BEAST-NEWSWEEK: I mean, you know, Cheney seems to be totally in denial still about Iraq. I mean, totally in denial. You know, he just doesn’t want to admit that, you know, he and Rumsfeld were just wrong and got it wrong, and we’ve paid a horrendous price for it. So he’s in total denial. One of the things I feel is just, you know, you get reminded again of what a kind of wrecking ball the guy was.

“Moments later, when the discussion turned to how anti-war Democrat presidential candidates become far more hawkish if elected, Brown changed her tune,” Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters notes:

BROWN: Well, I mean, Dick Cheney could argue that we’re all Cheneyites now in the sense that…


BROWN: … here is Obama, you know, with Guantanamo and the drones. I mean, this is all…

SCARBOROUGH: Triple the number of troops.

BROWN: Absolutely, it’s Cheney-like.

SCARBOROUGH: We’re firing drones into Somalia. Dropping bombs on a country we’re not at war at. Yemen.

BROWN: He’s been validated by, by, by Obama.

SCARBOROUGH: He has. I said that yesterday. Boy, the tweets. Whoa!


As Noel quips, “So does that mean Obama is also a wrecking ball totally in denial?”

Well, that’s a given, isn’t it?

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