Ed Driscoll

Resist We Much

As “Yid with Lid” writes, while he was a congressman, “Morning” Joe Scarborough Introduced Resolution Condemning MSNBC Colleague Al Sharpton:


Here’s an interesting back story to MSNBC’s hiring of racial arsonist Al Sharpton as their latest evening host.  Back in March of 2000, MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough was Congressman Joe Scarborough  and he introduced House Resolution 270  condemning Al Sharpton as a racist and a bigot. Read the text of the bill which was dug up by Legal Insurrection.

As when Keith Olbermann ruled the channel with an iron fist, gosh it must be ever so much fun to work on the set there.

What does the White House think of all this?

Who knows. Maybe they’ll email the Morning Joe show and offer their opinion.


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