The Semiotics of the Drudge Report

Ann Althouse calls them Drudgtapositions; she’s had lots of fun analyzing the subtexts and semiotics of Drudge’s photos and headline juxtapositions. The cropping of the photo that’s currently up on the Drudge Report is particularly fascinating: Obama, walking away, back to the camera, ready to board the helicopter off on yet another vacation and/or fundraiser, with word “United” above him. Is Drudge saying that America is united in seeking the president’s defeat or his resignation? He’s walking towards the left; like Carter, he’ll be free to rhetorically move even further to the left once he’s out of office. The image certainly recalls Nixon’s final walk towards Marine One, and the final “V For Victory” (or was a hippie-style peace symbol?) on his way towards his post presidential-life:


The thought of Obama resigning? The thought of Obama as Nixon? Heaven forfend!

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