Better Than Ezra: The JournoList Rides Again

Doug Ross spots the “The Democrat-Media Complex’s ‘Hostage’ Meme:”

• Huffington Post: How Extremists Have Taken America Hostage

• News-Star: Sen. Mary Landrieu: Republicans in the House “holding the U.S. economy hostage”

• Los Angeles Times: Government: Trading the debt ceiling for another hostage

• The Nation: Economic Hostage-Takers Have Infiltrated the House GOP Caucus

• Tehran Times: Paul Krugman: ‘Republicans have, in effect, taken America hostage’

• The Hill: Sen. John Kerry: GOP is “prepared to hold the nation’s entire economy hostage”

• Bloomberg: Jonathan Alter: “Republicans want to hold the system hostage”


As James Taranto recently noted, it’s now the far left who are crying for more diversity of opinion in the news. If so, they’re more than welcome to take the first step in that direction.



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