Krauthammer: Obama Reelection to Dirtiest Campaign Ever

Video at Real Clear Politics, which notes:

Charles Krauthammer argues that President Obama’s campaign money will have “no effect” on getting him “out of the box on explaining high unemployment.” Instead, he says it will “be used on negative advertising. It’s going to be the dirtiest campaign you have ever seen. It’s going to be almost a billion dollars of sheer attacks because it’s essentially a referendum on Obama. Unless the Democrats can make the personality or the baggage or the history of the Republican the issue, and that’s what you do if you’re an incumbent. You have a lot of money, it’s going to be an incredibly negative campaign.”


We saw the warm-up for that in 2008, when Democrats waged bitter internecine racialist warfare on party stalwarts such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, their surrogates, such as the late Geraldine Ferraro, and even voters. (Remember: Obama’s Bitter Clingers Kinsleyesque gaffe was focused on Pennsylvania Democrats he couldn’t sway.) And it’s already started; Ace spots the Washington Post starting to go to work on Rick Perry, with Sally Quinn inventing a “pastor problem” to gin-up controversy for Perry. As Ace responds, linking to one of Rev. Wright’s Alinsky & Brimstone rants, “Really, dude?”

I seem to recall the media embargoing this until Obama had safely won the primaries (despite Hillary’s people trying to get attention for it), then downplaying it, then claiming the entire issue had been resolved with a speech worthy of Lincoln, then declaring news shows “Reverend Wright Free Zones.”

But Perry’s got a Pastor Problem, huh?

Of course, it’s amazing how quickly those things can be disappeared when you’re on the left:


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