Ed Driscoll

DC Run 'By and On Behalf of Two Classes of People'

To borrow from Virginia Postrel’s “Dynamists and Stasists” formula, the dynamists are long gone from Washington’s Ruling Class, but as David Foster writes at the Chicago Boyz, the stasists come in two distinct formulas these days:

Sadly, the U.S. Government is now being largely run by and on behalf of two classes of people:

  • Theorists, whose heads are so deeply buried in books, models, and spreadsheets that they are unable to see the actual world and have lost all semblance of balance and judgment.
  • Agitators, who “earn” their living and get their sense of satisfaction in life from stirring up all segments of society against one another, in a neo-Hobbesian war of all against all.

Foster notes an actual shovel-ready project, that’s ready to go, that would create jobs, reduce energy costs and reduce overseas oil dependency. Naturally, it must be stopped by either or both of the two forces.

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More: “Operation Make-Life-Tough-For-Rick-Perry-Til-2012 Commences.” with a little help from Obama’s friends at the hyper-politicized EPA, who also don’t mind grinding whatever few new jobs the economy is producing to a halt as well.

Of course, for radical environmentalists, that’s a two-fer.

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