Ed Driscoll

Illinois Makes Corruption History

Let’s give a warm hand to the State of Illinois, Where, as Newsalert notes, the “Last 4 Out 8 Governors Went On to Be Convicted Felons:”

With Blago found guilty today on 17 of 20 counts, American corruption history was made. Blago’s 17 counts plus one count of lying to the FBI (in a previous trial) brings Blago’s total of felony convictions to 18. Blago’s predecessor Governor George Ryan is sitting in jail (Terre Haute, Indiana) for being convicted of 18 felony counts. Because George Ryan doesn’t get out of jail until July 4, 2013, modern American history is being made. Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan could be in jail at the same time( possibly in the same jail).

Plus a video flashback to a rather prominent early supporter of Blagojevich.