Ed Driscoll

Clearing the Browser Tabs, Sunday Blogging Sunday Edition

Clearing the decks, to start the new week off right:

  • Eight attacks on American military installations within the US, collated by Moe Lane. who adds, “Note the theme.  As Ace of Spades practically snarls, it’s not like the New York Times can.
  • “Axelrod Assures Admirers: ‘It’s Cool To Be An Obama Supporter.'” Fonzie aside, once you have to tell ’em you’re cool, you’re not. And while at least Miles Davis had proto-hipster Gil Evans as his John the Baptist to proclaim The Birth of the Cool, is David Axelrod really the best person promoting The One’s coolness?

Finally, to send you out on the ultimate punchline, just click.

(Concept via Jimmie Bise.)