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'To Some Extent'

Now is the time at Ed Driscoll.com when we juxtapose:

“In what was perhaps Stewart’s biggest concession, he agreed that ‘to some extent’ conservatives have been made the victims of a ‘witch hunt.'”


— Daniel Foster on Jon Stewart’s appearance yesterday on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday.

At this point, according to the next [Steven] Crowder video, the Daily Show producer who wrote the letter went ballistic at being publicly exposed as a political blacklister.  She furiously phoned Crowder’s manager and upbraided him for showing Crowder her letter.  The reaming was so bad, Crowder’s manager, feeling he had to protect his business and his other clients, dumped Crowder.”

— Andrew Klavan on “Jon Stewart, Bully.”

(concept via SDA.)

Related: “About That E-Mail from Jon Stewart’s Producer to Steven Crowder…” Big Hollywood’s Larry O’Connor explores the dynamics at work in the letter that Crowder’s manager received, as he’s sent similar communication himself: “My job was to be the asshole so my boss could schmooze with Val Kilmer:”

There are a lot of ways to reject an actor and when you are communicating confidentially with an intermediary.  You often reveal things so that you can build a level of trust with the manager or agent because said agent has many other clients.  Frankly, actors come and go but you always end up dealing with the same agents year after year after year.

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