Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day

“I don’t quite understand myself how, why, or when technology and the technical aspects of filmmaking completely overran, overcame, overwhelmed the human, the emotional, the intellectual, the real. Was it when kids first started bringing pocket calculators to school with them? They would have been more or less the first film school generation. So there came to be filmmakers who were somehow excited by Kurosawa, but not by the Western Canon that excited him–Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky–and who thought Godard’s jump-cuts were sexy, but could no more discuss his interest in Nicholas Ray or the dialectics of Marxism than they could fly to Mars, filmmakers who can imitate Hitchcock’s technique, but are incapable of emulating his emotional or narrative complexity. Writers, directors, actors, even when relatively young, once seemed mature. Somewhere along the line, quite recently, that changed. Now, no matter what their age, they’re immature, and the films reflect that. The obsession with technology appears to have accelerated this process of infantilism and occluded all else.”

— Screenwriter Lem Dobbs, as found by Terry Teachout.