Ed Driscoll

Clearing the Browser Tabs, Special Manic Monday Edition

Starting the week, by clearing the decks:

  • Iowahawk tweets, “John Malkovich sends Guardian interviewer into fetal ball” when he tells him that “I’ve read more books on the Middle East than any British journalist.” Watch here (warning: video may auto-play). The cutline on the Guardian Webpage that accompanies is “why [Malkovich] won’t take lectures on politics from the Guardian” — I don’t know why, when those Grauniad writers can be so darn sassy.
    • Speaking of music, I felt even more ancient than usual after this.
    • The president has certainly caused the economy to recede, and with it, Gaia worshipers “seem to at least be waking up to the fact that the world is on the precipice of financial ruin and nobody is much interested in sinking themselves further just to push this group’s agenda.”
    • And given the preview offered by the current feeble state of transnational socialist Europe, America’s exploding debt likely won’t have a very pretty ending.
    • Since we’re on the topic of the Daily Beast, the fellas at I Hate The Media note that Newsweek, it’s dead-tree arm, is increasingly looking as shaky as California itself: “Cutbacks: Can it still be called Newsweek if it doesn’t come out every week?” But if an opinion magazine that isn’t read by anyone anymore skips a week or two, will anyone notice?
    • Neo-Neocon explores “The Kennedy conspiracists’ conspiracy:” Neo writes, “Although most of the people who believe in the various conspiracies are probably sincere in their beliefs, many of those who actually write the conspiracy books are not. They are lying and they know it, but they count on their readers not to realize this.” Oliver Stone? Lying? Heaven forfend.
    • When Jon Stewart makes less sense about media bias than Chris Matthews, he might to check his premises a bit more carefully. Or was the clown nose on during this riff?

    (Concept via Jimmie Bise.)