Springtime for the Arab Spring

Lee Smith of the Jewish-themed periodical The Tablet recently wrote that “Maybe someday there will be an accounting of all the fictions that determined our understanding of the Egyptian revolution as it unfolded. In retrospect, it is strange that an American intellectual and political class proved so credulous* during the uprising.”


But almost exclusively on the port side of the aisle. Most conservatives were well aware that the likely outcome in Egypt wouldn’t be pretty (QED). A frequent theme over at the Canadian Small Dead Animals blog has been a look at how bollocksed up Egypt’s revolution has been right from the start, under the recurring satiric headline of “What We Really Need Is Democracy. With a totalitarian party to vote for.”

Mission accomplished — and then some, according to Strategy Page: “Nazis Make A Comeback In Egypt:”

Egypt has overthrown its dictator (for three decades) and is preparing for the first free elections in 60 years. This means a lot of new political parties are being formed to back candidates for parliament and president. One group has formed a National Socialist (or Nazi) party, to elect a leader who will rule like a dictator. These Egyptian Nazis are quite open in their admiration of  fascist dictators and their belief that this form of government is needed to bring order and prosperity to Egypt.


Fortunately, there’s a simple, one state solution for the woes of the Middle East, whose time has truly come:

* Credulous, you say? Hasn’t our intellectual and political class been pretty-much nothing but credulous over the last decade or so? (See also: 2008 election result, and legacy media’s role thereof. Oh and, “unexpectedly!”)


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