'Yes, But it's Not Relevant'

“Watch ‘Gasland’ Director Josh Fox Admit He Left Key Facts Out of Enviro-Doc,”John Nolte writes at Big Hollywood:

This is quite possibly one of the greatest pieces bonafide journalism I’ve ever seen, especially how filmmaker/journalist Phelim McAleer manages to get ”Gasland” director Josh Fox’s to admit he left a key piece of relevant information out of his film. Fox’s Academy Award-nominated documentary blames the energy industry’s practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking)  for natural gas on increased levels of methane that are so high people can actually light their tap water on fire.

Scary stuff, right?

However, what we learn here is that something Fox chose not to reveal was that there are reports of people being able to light their tap water on fire decades before any kind of fracking occurred in the same geographical area. You’ll get the full context in the video:



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