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At Newsbusters, Alex Fitzsimmons charts “NBC Correspondent’s Shorthand for SB-1070: Arizona’s Nazi Law:”

Borrowing the phraseology of left-wing bloggers, NBC Justice correspondent Pete Williams has (so far) thrice invoked Nazi terminology to describe SB-1070, the Arizona immigration law that continues to be the object of liberal scorn.

The first reference occurred today during the 10 a.m. EDT hour of “Jansing & Co.,” when Williams called the state measure the “show us your papers law.”

Moments later, Williams led the top of 11 a.m. EDT hour of “MSNBC Live” by repeating the “show us your papers” line.

The NBC correspondent took a break for about an hour before rephrasing the legislation during the 12 p.m. EDT hour as the “round up the usual suspects law.”

In using police-state nomenclature, Williams joins an exclusive club of liberal bloggers whose cognitive abilities are limited to comparing the Republican Party to the Third Reich:

Which of course includes pretty much everyone whose ever been employed by MSNBC. Of course, the network’s ratings are on par with about how many people owned TV sets in 1939, so it all works out.