Ed Driscoll

It's Real and it's Spectacular

Whoever writes the headlines for the New York Post isn’t paid nearly enough:

Left-leaning Mediaite is suddenly remarkably prudish-sounding in reaction:

On Monday, May 2nd, many New Yorkers awoke expecting their beloved bearer of ridiculous headlines, the New York Post, to come up with an insanely entertaining cover to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden. They came up with “Got ‘Em!“, which is basically the equivalent of waking up to a box of sweaters on Christmas Day. But, oh, did they make up for it today.Yes, the cover above is real, and it is spectacular: “Osama bin Wankin’!” it loudly proclaims, with the subheader “It’s Whora Bora– Porn Found In Laden’s Foxhole.” The image is a screencap from the famous video of bin Laden watching himself, with the title “Debbie Does Abbottabad” doctored in. Hundreds of years from now, archeologists will find this cover and middle school boys the world over will dream of having lived in the same civilization as the people who put together this cover.

Direct marketing writers know that the goal of the headline is to get you to read the advertisement or the sales letter, which does its best to convince you to buy the product. In this case, mission accomplished, to coin a phrase.