Ed Driscoll

Bring Me the SX-70 of Osama Bin Laden

As Jim Treacher writes, “If you really want Obama to release the pictures, just tell him Bin Laden donated to the GOP*:”

How about this for a reason: I want to see the pictures because they show Osama Bin Laden with a big hole in his head. I saw people jump out of the Twin Towers. I saw those buildings fall down. I saw the people who ran for their lives down the streets of New York in front of an avalanche of ash. I saw the faces of the people who lived through it. Now I want to see what happened to the guy who did it. I want the world to see how that turned out for him.

And if Reprimander-in-Chief Barack Obama wants to scold me for it, he should’ve thought about that before he called in Dick Cheney’s secret assassination squad. It really is hard to keep track of what you’re supposed to be proud of these days, isn’t it? Remember: Pouring water on a terrorist’s face goes against our core values as Americans. You gotta break into his house and shoot him in the eyes.

P.S. More reasons not to treat us like helpless children, courtesy of Jack Shafer, Alan Dershowitz, Greg Gutfeld, and… Eugene Robinson???

More from Jim:

P.P.P.P.S. The best reason yet to show us the photos: Andrew Sullivan doesn’t want us to see them.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Ace of Spades on Obama floating down from the heavens to alight on Ground Zero today:

Speaking to a firefighting chief who received Obama, a member of the media actually asked him this question:

“Did you have concerns about the men’s behavior in a formal setting?”

We certainly wouldn’t want them soiling the hem of Obama’s garment with sooty fingers from pulling people out of burning buildings.

Speaking of behaving in a formal setting, at the risk of typing in words that most other conservative bloggers probably have as a macro by now, just imagine if the Bush Administration did this:  “White House emails Ground Zero invitation: ‘Dear 9-11 family members…’”

Or as Treacher wrote yesterday, “if it irks you that anybody’s daring to criticize the President of the United States for not doing everything perfectly after a big win: now you know how we felt for 8 years.

* And he’d probably buy it too, considering how many times the Democrats have compared the GOP to the Taliban and Al Qeada.