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Bye Wisconsin, It Was Fun!

Stacy McCain writes, "Joan Kloppenburg has declared victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election – apparently winning by a margin of 204 votes – and thus dies whatever hope there had been for the state’s economic and political future:

It appears that nearly 400,000 people who voted for Walker in November simply stayed home on Tuesday. With their state’s future on the line, they were MIA.

Thus ends — gone! gone forever! – all hope of liberating Wisconsin from the job-killing government-union stranglehold.

Good-bye, Wisconsin!

UPDATE: Ace is remarkably stoic about the End of Wisconsin, while The Rhetorican foresees a Greece-like future for the Land O’ Cheese.

In contrast, John Podhoretz is a glass half-full kind of guy, as he watches America's two political parties achieve an NFL-style parity that Pete Rozelle could have only dreamed of.

But yeah, Wisconsin's likely still screwed.