Ed Driscoll

'The Misogyny of the Anti-Misogynists'

At the New Criterion, Michael Weiss has a must-see video from MEMRI, which monitors Middle Eastern television for craziness in much the same as the MRC does in the States. Here’s the set-up:

I’ve just been sent another piece of agitprop by yet another courageous bombshell, this time in the form of a video of the Pakistani actress Veena Malik. A former participant on India’s version of “Big Brother” where she apparently smooched a man and wore revealing outfits, Veena returned to Pakistan, went on television and got confronted by a commissar-like anchor asking her if she didn’t feel that she’d embarrassed herself, her faith and her country by her behavior in an enemy land. She was then further insulted via satellite by a fat and furry cleric with one hand on his sacred book and the other on his heavy heart. He’d never watched Indian “Big Brother” yet one clearly sensed that his enmity stemmed from a knowledge that he wouldn’t know the likes of Veena’s companionship until those celestial virgins fulfilled their end of the nasty bargain.

A woman who cites Pamela Anderson as a friend and sees no problem with subcontinental reality TV has added to the Hirsi Ali pile by responding to an on-air Islamic interrogation in a tone of voice it would be nice to see liberal magazines use once and a while. I know, I know. She’s not helping calm the clash of civilizations by calling a popular mufti a horny old goat or suggesting that he address child molestation in Pakistani mosques rather than hector a native celebrity. Still, some memorable lines Veena delivers (“I am angrier with you than you are with me!”) are even worthy of the East Coast smart sheets.