Ed Driscoll

First Female Veep Nominee Faced Democrat Rage in 2008

“Conservative Girl With a Voice” pens a tribute to Geraldine Ferraro:

As many of you have heard, Geraldine Ferraro passed away this morning at the age of 75 from blood cancer. As a young woman, I have always admired Mrs. Ferraro because she did so much for women and helped to shatter a glass ceiling that at one time seemed unbreakable. Unlike many other Democrats, Mrs. Ferraro was unafraid to stand up and speak out against her own party, which made me respect her even more. I will never forget watching her on Fox News shortly after Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate. As a woman, she was so proud at the possibility of a woman holding the second-highest office in the land. Although she and Sarah disagreed on many, many issues, and Ferraro supported President Obama during the 2008 election, she looked past these differences, which speaks to her integrity, wisdom and strength of character.

But she didn’t support Obama until Hillary dropped out, leading to one of the early signs of a rage amongst the left that would increasingly manifest itself against the rest of the country after the president was elected:

Back in mid-2008, Jim Geraghty spotted the white-hot anger that Obama-supporting “progressives” aimed towards Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, Hillary-supporting Geraldine Ferraro, and even Hillary’s voters in the presidential primaries, and wondered just what was going on. This was only a year and half after the left attempted to sandbag Joe Lieberman, going so far as to picture him in blackface at the Huffington Post, just six years after nominating him to be Al Gore’s veep. And it was months before Sarah Palin became a household name, in part because of the left’s wrath being directed at her. One expects the tolerant, progressive, diversity-obsessed left to cling bitterly towards its anger to conservatives, but not towards each other — and certainly not with this level of vitriol.

To follow-up on the previous post on Media Matters, the left’s punitive tone continues very much to this day: “Geraldine Ferraro Dies, Left Grossly Responds By Using Her Death to Bash Palin,” as spotted by Newsreal. And of course, after his minions rhetorically savaged Ferraro in 2008, the Obama machine makes nice-nice upon her death. Or as Jim Hoft writes, “Obama Releases Statement on Ferraro… The Same Woman His Team Destroyed During Election.”

(Hat Tip: Smitty.)