Ed Driscoll

Concluded, the Hyphen Wars Have

Breaking news from 2000: “AP Stylebook Finally Changes ‘e-mail’ to ’email,'” Mashable noted on Friday.

Of course for as long as I can remember, that’s what it always was, until Conde-Nast, having then recently purchased Wired magazine from its original management went haywire and decided to arbitrararily retcon a hyphen into the word back in 2000.

Those of us who still own our original spiral bound/slipcase 1996 first edition versions of WiredStyle: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Language, From the Editors of Wired, Edited by Constance Hale, which we purchased at the late lamented Computer Literacy Bookstore on North First Street in San Jose, when the dot.com bubble was just being inflated, know better.

(See also: how do you pronounce “GIF.”)

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