Spring Fascism Preview

At Deep Glamour, Virginia Postrel asks, does Michelle Obama Know that the Carolee jewelry company is equating her with Evita Peron to sell jewelry?

Walking through Bloomingdale’s, I was struck by this sign in the jewelry department. The Carolee jewelry company is pitching its line of pearls with photos of four pearl-wearing style icons: two American first ladies, Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama, both Democrats, and two foreign consorts, Eva Peron and Wallis Simpson, who, to put it politely, leaned fascist. (What, no Imelda Marcos? Too famous for shoes I guess.)


Because you just can’t wear a Che T-shirt everywhere.


Does Carolee know the connections they’re tacitly making? Perhaps not; as Mr. Obama has set the baseline for recent historical knowledge pretty low himself.


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