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And Olbermann was Awfully Fond of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Too

“Maddow: Snyder a pawn in corporate conspiracy to overturn democracy,” Henry Payne writes at the Michigan View.com

“Stay with me for a moment here. There is more to this,” said Maddow, signaling she’s about to jump down the rabbit hole – and she’s doesn’t want you to miss it.

“The Michigan House has already passed. . . a bill that sounds like it is out of a dystopian leftist novel from the future,” explained Maddow through the looking glass. “Right now, Gov. Snyder is pushing a bill that would give himself . . . the power to declare any town or school district to be in a financial emergency. This emergency person also gets the power under the bill to suspend or dismiss elected officials. Think about that for a second. Your elected local government can be dismissed at will. Republicans in Michigan want to be able to unilaterally abolish your town and disincorporate it. You still want your town to exist? Take it up with the board of (corporate) directors that will be overseeing your future now.”

Wheeeeeeeee. To summarize: Maddow – this is a woman with the highest-rated liberal cable news show in primetime – says that Snyder is secretly plotting to have Michigan’s towns taken over by corporations in order to strip them bare.

And this conspiracy has a name. “What this is has a name,” she said. “It is called shock doctrine.” Enter Naomi Klein, author of the “Shock Doctrine” and Maddow’s guru on the Republican Final Solution.

“It’s important to remember that these guys have been at this for 30 years. I mean, they’re part of an ideological movement,” explained Klein. “What’s the crusade that they’re fighting here? They really want a corporate monopoly state.”

Pay no attention to the fact that Maddow’s employers at MSNBC have been GE, Universal, Microsoft and Comcast, and that Detroit is also deeply in bed with the Obama administration, or that Wall Street bet the ranch on him in 2008. Somewhere, it’s always 1975 and Rollerball is playing at the local movie theater.

(Parody ad from late October, when Maddow claimed, and later apologized — sort of — that a GOP congressman “received advance notice” of the Oklahoma City bombing.)

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