Questions Nobody is Asking

“NPR’s Vivian Schiller resigns: Will the right now let public radio alone,” the Christian Science Monitor plaintively asks.

Yes, as always, NPR, which let Juan Williams go for simply admitting that a momentary thoughtcrime had passed through his mind — and almost immediately admitting on air that he was wrong to even think it, produced a video titled “Learn to Speak Tea Bag,” and let Garrison Keillor spend much of the previous decade spouting off against half the country as “fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists,” is the victim here.


And speaking of thoughtcrime, I’m pretty sure this article by the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, of all people (and in all places) would have been a firing offense at Schiller’s NPR: “Yes, there are other sources of terrorism. Radical Islam is the biggest and most dangerous. And, yes, King is a flawed questioner. [QED — Ed] But the question he poses is an appropriate — and important — one.”


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