Ed Driscoll

A 'Peaceful,' Easy Feeling

[youtube Df5yT16a_og]

Oh to be in Wisconsin as spring approaches. At the Weekly Standard, John McCormack writes:

Around the 50-second mark, some of the protesters begin to push the state troopers who are trying to control the crowd. One protester gets in the face of another trooper, and another protester begins shouting “Do not touch me! Do not touch me! Do not touch me!” It’s no “Don’t tase me, bro” moment, but still quite a scene.

And then, in a nice twist, the protesters begin chanting “peaceful!” which is apparently what they do after some in the crowd behave horrendously.


Note that McCormack has firsthand experience exactly how that peaceful easy feeling feels. That’s him on the right — on the ground:


More more on Wisconsin via Instapundit.

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