Ed Driscoll

There's Only One Way to Make this Story Better

As William Jacobson wrote yesterday, “It didn’t take long for the deranged to learn how to jump that shark.  But then again, Happy Days was set in Milwaukee.”

And that was before this story broke: “Protesters stage ‘funeral’ for Wisconsin:”

Thursday night’s “funeral march” up State Street featured the world’s friendliest group of angry protesters. The latest demonstration against Gov. Scott Walker’s union-killing budget bill overflowed with Mardi Gras-style energy, including extravagant costumes, a ragged brass band and lots of inventive props.

Couldn’t someone have airlifted in Fred Phelps’ gang to protest this funeral, if only for the chance to make the Blair’s Law opportunity complete?

Update: Not surprisingly, there’s video of the “funeral” “procession” at Ann Althouse’s blog: “Unbound by the strictures of MSM photojournalism, Meade moves forward into the crowd and continues recording as the faces stream by and walks though until he emerges at the end.”