Ed Driscoll

Red-Lining the Irony Meter

President with nebulous past, radical chic associates, trumped-up credentials, elected via collusion of sympathetic journalists acting as a self-described “non-official campaign” arm declares Planned Parenthood sting videos “manufactured.”

America’s most famous global warming alarmist and propaganda filmmaker “Accuses Limbaugh, Fox and the Wall Street Journal of Conspiring to Mislead Public About Global Warming.”

By using the Internet he helped to invent, too — those nutty digital brownshirts.

At the Daily Caller, “Intern learns the hard way that it’s illegal to recite the Gettysburg Address on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial without a permit.”

And finally this: from Duane Lester at All-American Blogger: “Define Irony: Charlie Rangel Giving Tax Tips On His Congressional Website.”