Ed Driscoll

Germany: Kindergarten Noise 'is not Generally Environmental Damage'

At the intersection of demography, environmentalism and insanity, “Germany’s cabinet today adopted draft legislation aimed at battling a growing tide of complaints against noisy children, in what is a rapidly aging society:”

The legislation aims to make it easier to build creches in residential areas following a spate of objections against the din of children at play.

* * *

In a statement, Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said: “This is a clear legislative signal in favour of a child-friendly society.””The noise made by children … cannot be treated in the same way as the noise made by industrial equipment,” added the minister.

The text of the draft law states that noise emanating from kindergartens, sandpits or playgrounds “is not generally environmental damage”.

I love the use of “generally” as a weasel word — but then nobody said it would easy living within the eco–anschluss.