Ed Driscoll

'Are You Saying that Fascism Could Come to America?'

From Ann Althouse, following a photo she took of a “liberal” Wisconsin union member with a sign showing the state’s Republican governor with a Hitler mustache:

I asked the woman if she thought Scott Walker was like Hitler, and she said “Yes.” So I said, “Are you saying that you think fascism could come to America,” and she said, “It’s what’s happening.”

[youtube 71gsnLfsbbM]

Althouse adds, “After all those efforts to paint Tea Partiers as using violent images and rhetoric, these pictures from Madison have got to hurt.” Meanwhile, the Founding Bloggers remind the Godwinized strikers, “Note To Union Tough Guys: Hitler Was A Socialist.”

Related: Doug Ross has the “Top 15 Photos From the Wisconsin Hate Rallies You’ll Never See in Legacy Media.”

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