Ed Driscoll

Bill Maher falls off the Edge of the Earth

“According to Maher, when you go too far to the Left, you end up on the Right,” NewsReal’s Walter Hudson writes, paraphrasing Maher’s latest sophistry:

It’s not unusual for Bill Maher to accuse his ideological opponents of being flat-earthers. But he took the concept to a new extreme over the weekend in his analysis of history and the political spectrum. According to Maher, when you go too far to the Left, you end up on the Right.

“Both [the Russian and French] revolutions got hijacked by the right-wing – and the Iranian Revolution,” Maher added.

However, Maher explained that you could argue the Russian Revolution was “hijacked by the left-wing,” but due to the nature of it being that far left, it was really right.

“I suppose people would say the Russian Revolution was hijacked by the left-wing,” Maher said. “I think when you go that far left – you’re really the right-wing. I consider Lenin and Stalin right-wingers. Don’t tell Rush Limbaugh.”

Well, that explains some of the crazier rhetoric from Frank Rich and Chris Matthews in recent years. Though as Andrew Breitbart asked Maher in September, “So you’re officially not a Libertarian anymore, right?”